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For over 125 years, there has always been someone praying for people who write in, call, or electronically request prayer.  How may we pray with you today?

Insights from the staff

We ask our staff each month a question that would provide some insight into their spiritual journey.  We hope you enjoy our ponderings and find tidbits to help you along your spiritual journey.

What does Begin Anew mean for you?

Media Director, Owen Howson responds:

Thanks to the teachings of Unity, I have become more aware that I have a choice every moment to choose again, to begin fresh. For many years I have incorporated this awareness into a daily ritual. Each morning, before I get out of bed, I think of some of the things I am most grateful for in my life. This establishes in my vision the vast carpet of blessings surrounding me. So when I go through the day and notice something that displeases me, I see it as small in perspective to the reality of my life. In that moment, I choose to begin anew, to see my world as it really is.

Music Director, Ron Brietzke responds:

Every day I begin anew, taking with me my inward accomplishments of the previous day, being aware of those goals that I didn't grasp and starting fresh with meeting them on this new day.  I know that there is no failure and I hold on to the belief that there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

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