About us

Our first Sunday back in the building after the pandemic campus close. There was smiles, laughter, and happy tears since we hadn't seen each other in a year.

Sunday Service
9:15 am - in person
11:00 am - in person or online
Children's Celebration grades K-5

Wednesday evening
youth group - grades 6-12
5:30-7 pm


A World powerfully transformed through the growing movement of shared spiritual awakening.


Acknowledging the divinity within, we welcome and empower all, through fellowship, education, and service to our community and the world.

Core Values

  • Spirit-filled

  • Open Minded

  • Empowering

  • Prosperous

  • Positive

  • Unity


We recognize and honor the Divine within as the common denominator that we share on our human journey.  The living heart of Unity understands and manifests its support of this Divinity by recognizing there is inherent good in all people. Unity Worldwide Ministries, its members and affiliates, welcome with love all people in every form of God’s creation, regardless of how that creation presents itself. It is the intent that Unity organizations are inclusive and non-discriminatory. We honor all components that contribute to the diversity of community. We affirm and support Unity principles and programs that manifest diversity in our teachings, policies, buildings and within our communities. We are resolute in walking the course of human rights and social justice for all. —August 2016

Our campus has an “All Y’all” restroom with a changing station for infants.  Our pews have designated spaces for people in wheelchairs or walkers near the doorway for easy access in case the congregant needs to leave mid-service.

our staff
Rev Gary - Preferred_edited.jpg
Rev. Gary Canier

Senior Minister

Linda Gillispie LUT 2021 preferred.jpg
Linda Gillispie, LUT

Assistant Minister

Adult Education

Leslie Headshot 062020.jpg
Leslie Woods

Assistant Minister


Youth & Family Ministry

Ron Brietzke

Music Director

Owen Howson

Media Director

Marilee Maxon

Nursery Coordinator