Divine Love, 

through me

Blesses and multiplies

All that I am, All that I have, All that I give, and All that I receive.

purposeful giving 2022

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PURPOSEFUL GIVING is one of the most powerful spiritual practices, one that aligns us with God’s continual flow of good. When contributing to our spiritual community becomes part of our overall financial plan rather than an afterthought, we know we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Stating the amount and frequency of our purposeful giving in advance, and then honoring our commitment throughout the ensuing year, instills a spiritual integrity that has profound effects in every dimension of our lives.


Giving – Receiving


Graph to assist in Purposeful Giving



Rev. Gary Canier

Senior Minister

Unity of New Braunfels


I invite you to set your purposeful giving to engage the energies of life by making this commitment to support our spiritual community. Setting our purposeful giving is like lifting a sail---it’s the best way to catch the winds of blessings that are blowing all around us. It is the key to the forward movement of our lives.


Together, let’s set our course for an exciting and truly heavenly journey!


Knowing that God is my Ultimate Source for all things, I fearlessly set my commitment to join in the circulation of all forms of my energetic expression by pledging to financially support my spiritual community.



During 2021, your financial investment in Unity of New Braunfels advanced three strategic objectives: Education, Service to our Community, and Outreach.



Offered Youth and Family services for youth and their families.

Provided Unity classes for the spiritual growth of our community.

Supported 3 truth students on the path to Licensed Unity Teacher

Supported Associate Minister Rev. Maggie Alderman with training and mentorship. She is now serving as Senior Minister at Unity Center Orlando?

Taught a class on The Power of Eight that generated an ongoing study group.



Acknowledging that we have been deeply impacted by the challenges of the past year, our lives have been spiritually transformed.

Received a Unity Worldwide Ministries Fishes and Loaves Grant.

Received and forgiven two PPP Loans.

Successfully thrived as a ministry with Rev. Gary Canier and Staff
during the height of the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Expanded the UNB Media for global outreach.

Developed a new website: www.unitynewbraunfels.org

Updated the campus-wide Wi-Fi system

Enlarged the Audio Video Booth.

Installed digital audio board

Updated and rebuilt the video system



Hosted seven weekly 12 Step meetings.

Expanded our YouTube presence and a growing number of subscribers to our channel.

Provided support for Family Promise.

Engaged with the Mayor’s IDEA Forum.

Supported a weekly A Course in Miracles group.

Annual Unity Sacred Service Awards: GAP Packs Ministry and Jennifer Hernandez – with award and check for $200.

Rev. Gary mentors Helen Wright at Unity of Las Cruces and he is on the Unity Worldwide Ministries Credentialing Team.

Volunteer Media Director Owen Howson serves on the Tech Team of Unity Worldwide Ministries


In 2022, look for these exciting developments…

Complete the drainage and retention work after city completes their part.

Repave and restripe the entire parking lot.

Expansion of our youth education.

Deliver our hybrid SEE Classes in-person and via Zoom.

Impact and connect with the greater community.

Expand legacy giving.

Financial Review of our accounts by Professional CPA.


In preparing to write your covenant for Purposeful Giving 2022, the below covenant from Unity Founders, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore provide a great example.  During this sacred time, use the following steps as a guide.

Purposeful Giving Covenant:
- Choose a time and place.
- Breathe into your center.
- Meditate – release any doubt/shame.
- Commit to God what is yours to give.
- Remain true to your covenant.
- God always provides.

Scroll down for a sample chart of the 

many ways of planning your giving.

Tithing Chart_edited.png
ways you can donate:



At the time of offering, congregants are invited to bring their tithe to the copper bowl at the front and take an affirmation from the wooden bowl.

text to give

Text an amount to

(830) 355-0004

Your text giving number is live and ready to receive donations. Simply text the amount you'd like to give to this number. First time givers will be prompted to provide their payment method via a secure web page.

Smart Phone Outline

Mail in

Mail donations to:

1308 East Common Street

Suite 205 Box 285

New Braunfels, Texas 78130


Donate through our payment portal.  You can even set up recurring donations.

Use PayPal

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