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Meditating on Beach

“This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.”

- 1 John 5:14

prosperity prayer

8 am daily

January 2023

God is our never-ending Supply.  Our abundance of health, wealth, and blessings radiates and circulates in our lives and throughout this ministry.  Unity of New Braunfels is brilliantly blessed in the light of infinite possibilities.  


Today we claim divine inheritance for Unity of New Braunfels.  We acknowledge God and only God as our substance, our supply, and our support.  We claim our spiritual authority and take full responsibility for everything in our lives.  Today, and all days to come, we will seek out and participate in only those thoughts, words and actions which support the health, wealth and joy that is our true nature.


Thank you, God, for this new day of prosperity and abundance.  Whatever we and the church need, or desire is provided unconditionally.  Endless good comes in endless ways.  God is our inexhaustible and ready supply.  Our abundant good comes to us from every direction and is here, now.


And so, it is! Amen

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