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Kids with Capes

Youth and family ministry

Our Teaching Style

Our Youth and Family Ministry is loving, active and growing!  We provide a nurturing atmosphere for our children and youth to learn and grow spiritually and in community with one another. 


Our teachings are anchored in:

· Basic Unity Principles 

· Living Curriculum—inspired by founder, Myrtle Fillmore, this curriculum encourages children and youth the take what they learn and apply it everyday.

· Spiritual Teachings—based on the teaching of Jesus.  We also learn from the teachings of other spiritual leaders as well.  This enhances our Oneness with all.


Our  Y.O.U.—Youth of Unity are active locally, regionally and internationally by attending

rallies at all levels.  The lessons on are youth led and facilitated by an adult.

5 Basic Principles.png
Thoughts on God by Children of Unity NB.png

Inclusion Breaks Barriers

In our ministry, all are welcome, included and empowered. We believe that every child is whole and complete just the way they are.  Everything that makes each child individually unique brings an expression of God that is to be welcomed and celebrated.   We look forward to celebrating our Oneness with you and your family!

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