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Living a Creative Life

Artist Thom Ricks presented this lesson on October 30.  You can start living your creative life anytime.

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Slides from "Living a Creative Life"

Thoughts to ponder on Thom's talk


“Living a Creative Life” by Artist Thom Ricks

Creative Inventor of “I” Magnetrometer 


Question #1 What are you attracting in your life? 

Question #2 What are you broadcasting out? conscious or unconscious? 

Question #3 Do you start each day with Faith in “I live in a prosperous, abundant universe, with loving supportive friends and family, wonderful things are happening in my life?"


Or Faith in not enough ”money, doubt in your talents, fear of shortfalls, lack, shortage, scarcity, worrisome thoughts? "

“Living a Creative life” is about drawing to you, whatever you think about, talk about, believe strongly about, feel intensely about and dream about?


Download these questions

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