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Personal Exploration exercises

Most weeks Rev. Canier provides exercises that enables a personal connection to the message.

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Non Resistance  March 5, 2023

Four tips to practice non-resistance:

  1. Pay attention to what you say.
    Avoid negative words like “don’t”, “can’t”, “won’t”, “not”. Instead use words like “I am”, “I deserve”, “I embrace” to attract and embrace something positive.

  2. Practice time in prayer and meditation.
    Train your mind to be centered and open to the flow of energy.

  3. Notice when a problem or challenge arises.
    Stop for a moment and acknowledge it. Do your part, and if it is taking longer than usual to solve it, then change your strategy. See what other options and perspectives are available and try a different path. Remember your spiritual life is simple and easy.

  4. Notice when you are resisting.
    Ask yourself if you can accept and forgive the person, thing, or situation you are resisting. Now feel it in your body. Breathe through it until you release the resistance. You will know you have succeeded when you feel lighter, freer, and expanded.

March 12, 2023

How to detach with love

  •  Setting boundaries

  •  Not giving unsolicited advice

  •  Allowing others to do for themselves

  •  Not accepting responsibility other people’s problems

  •  Recognizing that your feelings and needs are valid

Choose Love
February 5, 2023

To honestly love your neighbors you must...

  • ❤ Compassion: Compassion is an action, not simply a sympathetic feeling. When you are compassionate for your neighbors, you lend a hand, offer an embrace, or listen. 

  • ❤ Kindness: Be kind. Go above and beyond what is expected of you to show a softer side; to show love. After all, the person you may think doesn’t need it may need your kindness most of all. 

  • ❤ Sharing: Our blessings are not ours to hoard and indulge in. They are meant for us to share. If you have something and you see someone else doesn’t, then share. This includes your faith.

  • ❤ Forgiving: God freely forgives. Forgiving others isn’t always easy. Sometimes it is hard. Forgiveness is an important expression of loving our neighbors and ourselves, and it is powerful. It is a good for us to practice forgiveness.

  • ❤ Service: Finally, be of service your neighbors. Letting others know that you are there for them and then being there is sacred service. It really doesn’t matter how big or small our activity is.  The value is being there for others.

​How to Let Go and Let God Today

  • Identify what you can control -  and what you can't.

  • Address what you can control.

  • Surrender what you can't control.

  • Resolve to act on faith, not fear.

  • Focus your mind and heart on trusting God today

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