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1. Read sacred material new to you.

2. Journal your thoughts and beliefs.

3. Consider what is your Truth

1. How can you love God and yourself today?

2. Are you open to forgiving yourself and others daily?

3. When do you turn to the Kingdom of Heaven within?

  1. . Engage with others; follow your interests; have fun!

  2. . Volunteer: Help others.

  3. . Take good care of yourself.

aPRIL 7, 2024  

  1. Step away from stress and breathe deeply.

  2.  Pray and meditate.

  3.  Listen to music.

  4.  Spend time in nature, exercise, create.

aPRIL 14, 2024  
"At One With God"

1. Open yourself in prayer.
2. Actively read spiritual literature. 
3. Be of service to others.
4. Follow your awakening heart.

1. Be patient with yourself and others.

2. Look for the best in others.

3. Be open to what is and allow each moment to be.

1.Get clear: journal, visualize, brainstorm, seek inspiration.

2. Believe it: trust it is possible.

3. Visualize it: see it, feel it, own it.

4. Do something: one step at a time. Just do it.

5.Stay positive: Let go of fear, forgive, open to your good

Lenten False Belief Detox Program:

1.  Negative self-talk: If your self-talk makes you feel        bad, deny it, bless it, and release it.

2.  Media programs that instill fear: Ask the question:         Is this of Spirit” If not, change the channel.

3.  People: Do they uplift you or tear you down?

      Make a conscious choice with whom you spend time.

  1. Fear is going to happen.

  2.  Acknowledge your fear.

  3.  Practice moving through fear daily.

  1. When we are right the other person is wrong.

  2.  When we are present, we do right, we surrender, we open to possibilities.

  1. Celebrate every success and accomplishment

  2. Acknowledge your courage, strength, capabilities, and progress.

  1. Let God by letting go.

  2. Open to the power of the present moment.

  3. Be curious, forgiving, and welcome peace.

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