We are accepting nominations for the 2022-2025 Board of Trustees Term.  If you are interested or know of someone who would be a good fit, click on the nomination form below to nominate.  For questions, reach out to our nominating team: Rev. Sondra von Gyllenband, Pat Dell, and Steve Cleverley.

Open and transparent communication from the Trustees is available here for easy access and convenience. We will post financial updates and approved Minutes from meetings (pending any corrections) as soon as the information is available. The Trustees meet the 4th Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm in the Gratitude & Prosperity Room. They are open meetings, members are welcome to attend any time.

Monthly Financial Update

Financial updates are provided for the previous month after the account has been reconciled.

December 2021


Tithes                        $23,560.34

AC Fund                   $     250.00

Room Rentals           $   1,479.50

Prayer Book             $         15.00

Christmas Sale         $      146.66      

Interest Income        $        37.17

Total Income             $ 25,488.67


Budget Expenses    $14,437.90

Building Note           $  1,301.35

Net Cash Flow:        $  9,749.42


Bank Balances:

Prudent Reserve      $21,000.00

AC Fund                  $  5,585.15

Operating Account  $11,460.36

Building Repairs      $96,947.48

Money Market Act.  $  2,963.13

Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes Links


Click on the month below to read the minutes for that particular month. Minutes are not posted until they have been corrected and approved.

If you would like minutes for longer than three months back, please contact the church office to request a link be emailed to you.

Sept 2021

Oct 2021

Nov 2021 (approval pending at next board meeting)

No December Meeting

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