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1 John Nonemaker, President

2 Lynda Rolan, V-President

3 John Bergmann, Secretary

4 Cynthia Smith, Treasurer

5 Steven Cleverley, Member at large

6 Lauren Fredregill, Member at large

7 Rev. Gary Canier, Senior Minister



Board of Trustees

from the trustees

Open and transparent communication from the Trustees is available here for easy access and convenience. We will post financial updates and approved Minutes from meetings (pending any corrections) as soon as the information is available. The Trustees meet the 4th Sunday of each month at 12:30 in the Gratitude & Prosperity Room. They are open meetings, members are welcome to attend any time.

Monthly Financial Update

Financial updates are provided for the previous month after the accounts has been reconciled.

APRIL  2024

Tithes                               12,809.48

Concert                                 440.00

Twice Blessed                       161.00

Focus Fund                           248.63

Used Book Sale                      94.00

SEE Classes                           45.00

Room Rentals                    1,579.00

Misc Income                              4.00

Interest Income                        36.89

Total Income                     15,418.00

Budget Expenses             15,564.00

Bldg Loan Principal            1,525.88

Net Cash Flow                   (1,671.88)

Focus Fund                         3,627.21

Prudent Reserve               21,000.00

Operating Account            14,267.92

Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes Links


Click on the month below to read the minutes for that particular month.

If you would like minutes prior to 2023 please contact the church office to request a link be emailed to you.

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