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Saturday, September 17
2-4:30 pm

Braver Angels is a national organization that seeks to depolarize America.  The goal is not to change anyone's mind but to change how we view each other.  The goal is to move Americans from hatred or disdain to respect and appreciation.  Workshops are one of the ways Braver Angels works to achieve this goal.


Depolarizing Within Workshop: Becoming a Braver Angel in your own world.


Trained moderators will walk the group through the steps to recognize and counteract your inner polarizer; how to talk about the other side in a non-polarizing way; how to depolarize conversations with like-minded people. There will then be time to practice these skills


As a workshop participant said,  'Neither side is going to vanquish the other, so we better figure out how to get along and run the country together."

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