Who are We?

Unity of New Braunfels is a powerfully positive and uplifting church that offers practical, spiritual teachings that empower abundant and meaningful living and enable people to experience oneness with God every day.

Unity of New Braunfels, started in 1995, is affiliated with Unity Worldwide Ministries and Unity World Headquarters which is inclusive and open-minded and offers a positive path for spiritual living.

Reverend Gary Canier leads Unity of New Braunfels, which offers two services each Sunday, at 9:15 am and 11:00 am with messages that encourage personal initiative and growth in a holistic, intuitive and spiritual environment. Unity’s services are designed to teach spiritual principles for daily living and encourage a direct experience with God in our meditation prayer time. The music is written specifically to support the messages on Sunday and is performed acoustically with both heart and soul.

Unity’s congregation is warm and welcoming and encourages relationship building through study groups, mens and womens groups, and small group ministry. Our youth group is thriving and actively involved in service and their own spiritual growth.

Special interests that are offered at Unity New Braunfels are yoga classes, Tuesday evening meditation, Pranic healing sessions, Reiki sessions and A Course in Miracles class.

Unity of New Braunfels helps people live more fully and abundantly through greater spiritual awareness and strives to make a positive difference in the world.