Venue Rentals

Space is available to rent for business meetings,team meetings, business or spiritual enrichment workshops, and more.  To use available space, contact the church office at 830-608-9515.  Full church policy is availabe via link at the bottom of the page.




 Per HourFull Day
  (6+ hrs)
1. For-Profit Use (Non-members) $50.00 $250.00
2. For-Profit Use (Members): $40.00 $200.00
3. Non-Profit (Non-members): $50.00 $250.00
4. Non-Profit (Members): $35.00 $175.00
5. Spiritual Enrichment (Non-members):  $15.00 
6. Spiritual Enrichment (Members):  $10.00 
7. Guest Speaker Workshops:As contracted with minister
8. Church-sponsored events: Love offering collection

1. Church-sponsored classes or workshops will be offered by love offering unless governed by contractual agreement with presenter.

2. All instructors or facilitators of classes will receive 50% of the love offering collected from each class.

3. Only tithing classes will be exempt from the 50% guideline; those classes will be paid at $50/class to Licensed Teacher or Minister.

**All church fees are due the last office business day prior to the even.

For a complete copy of the policy and printable application, click on the link below.

Facility Rental - Church Policy and Application