Spiritual Economics Series: Your Fortune Begins with You

Spiritual Economics

Your Fortune Begins with You

“There are no miracles in an orderly Universe. All things are possible under divine law.” Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics Pg. 32

Have you ever heard comments about how lucky or unlucky someone was? People play the lottery hoping for some miracle to bring them the prosperity that they seek.

But life is not a “Wheel of Fortune.” We do not hold our breath, then spin and wait to see the outcome. We create our own fortunes or misfortunes by right of our consciousness. This is not easy to accept. It is easier to blame the stock market, the job, or our families for the things in life that do not work.

It is time to stop placing blame on the outer conditions of the world and look within at our beliefs regarding prosperity. If we believe our prosperity comes from our job, our investments, or our family, we will never truly prosper.

At Unity, we believe in the power of prayer. But are we looking for our prayers to bring about a miracle in our life? If so, we are practicing nothing less than spiritual gambling. Prayer does not change things. It changes our consciousness.

As we stop praying in the hope of demonstrating a miracle and begin to pray for nothing less than a change in our consciousness, we begin to be the change we wish to see.

All things are possible not because we can somehow change God’s mind, but because we become one with the flow of the universe. We stop swimming upstream and go with the flow.

As we do, new ideas come, new avenues of good appear, and new opportunities arrive.

Our good is rooted in the Kingdom of God that Jesus taught. It is not the lucky coin we carry, the lucky shoes we are wearing, or the “right” prayer that we say. When we are in the flow, we are working with universal law rather than against it.


What the Bible says:

“Choose this day whom you will serve.” Josh 24:15

“For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.” Mt 25:29

“Come, ye blessed…., inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.” Mt 25:34


What Unity says:

“Everything that appears in the universe had its origin in mind.” Charles Fillmore, Prosperity

“God does not give us material things, but Mind substance—not money but ideas— ideas that set spiritual forces in motion so that things begin to come to us by the application of the law.” Charles Fillmore, Prosperity

“In the new economy we shall serve for the joy of serving, and prosperity will flow to us and through us in rippling streams of plenty.” Charles Fillmore, Atom-Smashing Power of the Mind

“Financial success or failure depends on the attitude of mind active in both those who achieve success and those who fall under the negations of failure. Fill your mind to overflowing with thoughts of success; realize that the fullness of all good belongs to you by divine right.” Charles Fillmore, Atom-Smashing Power of the Mind

Ideas for practice:

  • Take three weeks (21 days) without watching, listening to, or reading the news. Record in your journal about the main content of your mind without this extra stimulus. Do you notice a shift in how you feel and what is on your mind? Share with your triad how this experience has changed your outlook.
  • Prosperity begins by changing our thoughts about “how things are.” Find three things in your past that appeared to be “bad luck” and find something good that came out of it. Write about these and revisit when a new “bad luck” challenge appears.
  • When good things happen to you, do not reduce it to a matter of luck but to a consciousness of knowing that you are a creative expression of Divine Mind. Make a point of thinking about these things at the end of the day, and take them into a prayer of gratitude.
  • Spend time in silence holding before you a change in consciousness. What would it feel like? How might your life be different? If this seems to be a struggle for you, take it to your triad and let them hold you in the light of prosperity