Spiritual Economics Series: Work and the Success Syndrome

Spiritual Economics

Work and the Success Syndrome

Work and the Success Syndrome

Why do you work? Our gut reaction to that question would usually be, to make money. Fair enough. Now ask yourself that question with the emphasis on different words.

WHY do I work?

Why DO I work?

Why do I WORK?

Does that trigger a different answer?

We work, yes, for money. Yet to continue to chase after money, titles, perks, prestige, or gain can be exhausting, unfulfilling, and take us off the path that is best for us. Mindless pursuit of money and things can lead us way off course.

If we stop and think for a moment, we know that work is an expression of us, of our inner being. As we give it to the world, if we do it with our whole heart, it cannot help but bless those around us. We should all strive to find work that is from our heart. However, if we find ourselves in a job or situation that does not make our hearts sing, we can still bring our heart in. No matter the task, if we give it as a gift to the universe, and place our heart into being a gift, we bless everyone. It is our ultimate happiness and prosperity to keep in circulation all that we are given, whether it be time, talent or treasure.

We all have material and physical needs. Moreover, they are not inconsequential. However, do not confuse your job with your calling. If “calling” sounds a bit pretentious, what is the gift you would like to give the world? An article about a restaurateur, who felt that hospitality was his calling, says, “Teach what you know, share what you love.” How is that for career guidance? What DO you know? What DO you love? If you seek FIRST, the kingdom, no doubt, all else will be added unto you, meaning that you will have enough if you are following your calling.


What the Bible says

“For where you treasure is, there will be your heart be also.” Lu 12:34

“I perceive that there is nothing better, than that a man should rejoice in his own works.” Ec 3:22

“Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.” Ec 9:10


What Unity says:

“Success in the world is largely dependant on good judgment.” Charles Fillmore, Christian Healing

“In the economy of the future man will not be a slave to money. Humanity’s daily needs will be met in ways not now thought practical.” Charles Fillmore, Atom Smashing Power of the Mind

“All you can do is to recognize that you embody all that God is and has. You must not try to get; you must not try to have…you must learn how to let Infinity flow out from you.” Joel Goldsmith, The Art of Spiritual Healing

“Success comes when you move forward, rejecting all that tends to distract you from your master plan.” Catherine Ponder, How to live a Prosperous Life

Ideas for practice:

  • What do you consider your greatest work-related accomplishment? Recall the situation or project. See yourself involved in the work; feel what it was like to be doing the work. What made it such an accomplishment for you? What was your intangible reward? What one thing about that experience can you bring into your current work situation? Take time to include this as a journal entry today.
  • Think of a person who you consider successful; they can be living or not. When things with your work seem overwhelming or discouraging, consider what that person might advise you to do if s/he were there with you. Use this advice as an affirmation in your work in your prayer triad.
  • As you discuss your work with other people, notice the language you use. If your language is critical of your job, your co-workers, your performance of the work environment, consider how your thoughts create your perspective. Focus on the positive aspects of your job, skills and work environment. After this exercise, begin your meditation for the day.