Unity believes that we can best keep Lent by denying ourselves not "things" but negative thoughts and feelings. Through prayer, and study, we can contemplate the resurrection experience and practice its principles in our lives.


To help the reader better understand the Lenten season, Georgiana Tree West writes in the Foreword:

 "The ancient Hebrew writers made a practice of using  numbers to symbolize ideas. Forty in their minds, was a 'foursquare' number suggesting the idea of a foundation for something to follow; an idea of completeness. When we consider Lent as a well-rounded or 'completed' season of retreat from the things of the world for the cleansing of the mind and the recollection of the things of Spirit, it becomes a true season of preparation for .. the resuurection of the mind from the darkness of its sins, doubts, and false beliefs into the light of understanding."

Keep A True Lent by Charles Fillmore

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