Nighttime signifies many things. Apart from the rest and refreshment that sleep brings, the night can be a time for gaizing at the stars, dreaming, and loving. For some, it might mean keeping vigil when tending to the very young or sick. For others, it might mean working so that others may rest peacefully. For most people, there are occations when the night brings no relief - when we are worried or afraid, trouble never looms larger than in the early sleepless hours. Yet such times also can lead to a richer experience of intercession, meditaiton, and contemplantion.


These experience of the night are universal and have inspired poetry, prayers, lullabies, songs, and stories through the ages. This wide-ranging collection is the perfect bedside companino and will help soothe us to sleep, dispel nighttime fears, and attune us to the gifts and opportunities that each new day brings.

All Through The Night - Michael Counsell

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