Point of Power

Point of Power Class

As expressions of God, we all are the point of Power.  However, we don’t always express from that place in our world for varying reasons.  Hasselbeck stated, “You and I are a point of Power, unique, unrepeatable expressions of an unlimited God”.  
In class, we will:
  • Explore and learn more about how Unity Principles and Spiritual Metaphysics can be used to move through the perceived, “bad stuff”of life while looking through the lens of a real and practical life situation and circumstance.   
  • Examine Point of Power Principles such as God, Prayer, Meditation, The Indwelling Christ, The Law of Mind Action and others. 
  • Explore how you can use perceived ‘bad stuff’ to bring order out of chaos, by changes in your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and attitudes, and allowing yourself to express more of the divine within.



Beginning February 3-24, 2018

10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Life Room

About the Instructor:

Dr. Phyllis Burgess, Ph.D., L.U.T.  Dr. Burgess has been a member of Unity since 1997.  Dr. Burgess strongly believes that the teachings of Unity work universally.  She has had countless personal experiences of manifestation utilizing spiritual tools & principles.  Her teaching experience includes such areas as, adult personal development, seminar & workshop facilitation, small group facilitation, high school, guest speaker conference presentation, and non-credit course adult education.  Dr. Burgess is committed to the education of others by means of drawing out one’s own spiritually powerful ideas and supporting them in determining strategies that open them to new possibilities and strategies for changing their life from inside out.



Materials Needed:

Point of Power by Paul Hasselbeck, 2007


Non-credit—Love offering at each class   
Credit— $45 + Love offering at each class (required)