New Minister Coming Soon



From Aloha to Howdy Y'all!

We can officially send a warm, Texas "Welcome Home, Y'all" to Rev. Gary Canier and Owen Howson.  Rev. Gary officially begins his journey with us beginning Monday, November 12th.

From ocean to rivers, island to mainland, but best of all, HEART TO HEART! we see your travels, packing, moving and unpacking happening with ease and grace!



Our congregation has faithfully held the space and intention for this to happen by repeating the following affirmation together in each of our services for over a year, so it is not at all surprising to see the vision fulfilled so completely.

"Our new ministry leader is a heart-centered visionary guiding us with integrity
on our spiritual journey toward wisdom and prosperity."


And, as the next phase unfolds, we continue to affirm:

We experience deep gratitude for our minister. 
As our spiritual consciousness expands exponentially, our prosperity grows. 
We have all we need to make a positive impact on our community.
With love and thanksgiving, we attract people in our area, who are ready
for Unity of New Braunfels to be their spiritual home.

One of our members, Mary Boren, wrote a sonnet to welcome Rev. Gary long before we had a name or face to go with it. Her book, Metaphysical Musings, is available in the Sacred Corner Bookstore, with all proceeds going to the church. Another member, artist Thom Ricks, conceived and donated the magnificent painting that graces our podium. He has a gallery in Gruene.



If you can set your biases aside
to champion what's compassionate and just,
and value every member of your tribe
as if you'd given birth to each of us;
awakening to true community,
not rushing into battle unprepared,
but seeking out a path to unity
when sleepers' predatory fangs are bared,
and forging through the darkness to the source
of light, replenishing your spirit when
the mantle sags, thus modeling the course
of energy infused with wisdom, then...

I'll follow you with every nerve and bone
to places I'm afraid to go alone.