Meditation Practices


Meditation Practices

Come experience and explore the many mental and physical benefits of meditation as well as methods to deal with resistance to it.  This course focuses on the practice and the experience of various forms of meditation.  There will also be helpful tips for developing a 
regular meditation practice.  Practicing the Silence, Unity’s meditation practice, is fundamental and foundational to Unity teaching and will be practiced throughout the course.


April 15—May 6
1:30 pm—4 pm
Life Room

About the Instructor:

Cathy Oberkampf, L.U.T., has been utilizing Unity principals in her life for many years. She is an experienced teacher having taught for more than twenty five years at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Habitat for Humanity International, Utah State University as well as Unity of New Braunfels.






Materials Needed:

Meditation for Dummies by Stephan Bodian (any version)
Journal to record your insights


Non-credit—Love offering at each class   
Credit— $45 + love offering at each class