Licensed Unity Teachers

Rev. Sondra von Gyllenband

Rev. Sondra von Gyllenband   Rev. Sondra became a Licensed Unity Teacher in 1990 and was ordained in 2004.  Her accomplishments as Senior Minister include expansion projects, establishing Prayer Chaplaincy Programs, and created Music of the Heart at National Conference for New Thought Musicians. 

Rev. Sondra has served Unity Worldwide Ministries in several capacities.  She served as Regional Judiciary Representative for the Ethics Review Team and then went on to serve as Chairperson.  She was also Regional Board Secretary and Holder of the Flame.  As Field Licensing Mentor, Rev. Sondra assisted others on their next step as spiritual leaders.  She provided excellent training and guidance for the Prayer Chaplaincy Programs in Austin, San Marcos and Beaumont.   



Linda Gillispie, L.U.T.   As well as being a Licensed Unity Teacher, Linda serves as the Pastoral and Education Associate at Unity of New Braunfels. Linda has taught many Unity classes in Austin, San Marcos and New Braunfels and served as guest speaker in Austin, San Marcos, Victoria, New Braunfels and Boerne. She is the mother of two children and has five grandchildren. Linda has a deep love for Unity Principles based on the teachings of Jesus and sharing these teachings is her greatest joy. 


Cathy Oberkampf, L.U.T.   Cathy Oberkampf has been utilizing Unity principals in her life for many years. She is an experienced teacher having taught for more than twenty five years at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Habitat for Humanity International, Utah State University as well as Unity of New Braunfels. 


Trish Weir, L.U.T.Trish Weir, L.U.T. Trish Weir earned her B.A. magna cum laude from Youngstown State University (OH) and was valedictorian of her electroneurodiagnostics class at Erwin Technical School in Tampa (FL). She has been in Unity for over 10 years. Following studies in Clinical Pastoral Education, she is now an associate chaplain with Baptist Hospitals in San Antonio. 


Susan Dimaline, L.U.T.   In the ‘70’s Susan discovered the Fillmores and countless others who came before and after them.  From then on she immersed herself in groups and studies and inner work.  She studied Eschatology, a breakaway form of Christian Science, for 3 years in Mexico City and Toronto. In London she studied and worked with a spiritual teacher for 5 years and then worked with a Unitarian community there for another 5 years.  

Her hands-on work with Unity started in 2001 at Unity of San Marcos, where she joined the church, became a Prayer Chaplain and then a Prayer Chaplain Coordinator and Trainer.  Six years later she moved to Unity of Southeast Texas where she was active as Church Administrator and Prayer Chaplain Coordinator/Trainer.  After a time of co-teaching with Rev Sondra von Gyllenband, making trips to the Unity Village and taking classes in the field, she completed her Licensed Unity Teacher training in 2014.  


Dr. Phyllis Burgess, Ph.D., L.U.T.  Dr. Burgess has been a member of Unity since 1997.  Dr. Burgess strongly believes that the teachings of Unity work universally.  She has had countless personal experiences of manifestation utilizing spiritual tools & principles.  Her teaching experience includes such areas as, adult personal development, seminar & workshop facilitation, small group facilitation, high school, guest speaker conference presentation, and non-credit course adult education.  Dr. Burgess is committed to the education of others by means of drawing out one’s own spiritually powerful ideas and supporting them in determining strategies that open them to new possibilities and strategies for changing their life from inside out.