Forgiveness: A Road to Freedom

Forgiveness: A Road to Freedom Workshop

In this sacred space, Rev. Sondra offers the opportunity to heal old wounds and bring closure to upsets, thus freeing you to soar to new heights.  These practices for forgiveness are experienced in a safe, loving environment. In addition, exercises will be provided for continued growth in your own time and space.


May 19th
9:00 am—3:30 pm
Gratitude and Prosperity Room

About the Instructor:

Rev. Sondra became a Licensed Unity Teacher in 1990 and was ordained in 2004.  Her accomplishments as Senior Minister include expansion projects, establishing Prayer Chaplaincy Programs, and created Music of the Heart at National Conference for New Thought Musicians. Rev. Sondra has served Unity Worldwide Ministries in several capacities.  She served as Regional Judiciary Representative for the Ethics Review Team and then went on to serve as Chairperson.  She was also Regional Board Secretary and Holder of the Flame.  As Field Licensing Mentor, Rev. Sondra assisted others on their next step as spiritual leaders.  She provided excellent training and guidance for the Prayer Chaplaincy Programs in Austin, San Marcos and Beaumont.







Materials Needed:

Bring your lunch - all other supplies provided


Non-credit—Love offering  
Credit— $45 + love offering