Family Promise

Thank you for your interest in Family Promise! By serving as a host congregation, Unity has made a commitment to contribute to the Family Promise mission of helping homeless children and their families achieve independence. During our host weeks, we need volunteers for a variety of responsibilities, including hosting dinner, providing evening fellowship, staying overnight and making Saturday breakfast. Family Promise requires that all volunteers go through their orientation, which is offered periodically throughout the year. If you haven't been to orientation yet but still want to help out, we can team you up with someone who has been to orientation or you can assist in other ways, such as tearing down the rooms, doing the laundry or moving the bed trailer to the next church. Thanks for your support of Family Promise!


2017 Hosting Schedule

2018 Hosting Schedule

Andrea Tingleff
(830) 624-6174

September Baker
(830) 237-6585

Michelle Luhrs
(210) 273-2474

Feb. 19 - 26


May 14 - 21


Aug. 20 - 27


Nov. 12 - 19

Feb. 11 - 18


May 6 - 13


Aug. 12 - 19


Nov. 4 - 11