Campus Beautification Team

We have a beautiful and peaceful campus, greatly in part to our wonderful volunteers who participate in our Unity of New Braunfels Campus Beautification Days.  Enjoy some time in nature, time with friends, time in sacred service.  Everyone is invited to come and help, as all abilities are accommodated with appropriate activities.  To let our team lead know you're coming on our next work day, text "I'm in!" plus your name to Kelly Keiser 713-303-9776.

Can't make one of our scheduled days? That's okay, other days and times are optional as you are available.  See projects below and contact our team lead, Kelly Keiser, to arrange.

Scheduled Beautification Days

Every 4th Saturday from October through April is our team’s scheduled Unity of New Braunfels Campus Beautification Day


camaraderie, walking/searching grounds, picking up litter/branches, watering, pruning, raking, blowing debris, sweeping, assisting others, planting, digging.

Some supplies provided:

gloves, water, blowers, brooms, rakes, shovels, trash cans with bag liners, helpful answers, assistance as needed.

Items to bring

hat, pruners, battery operated or corded drills, corded metal post cutting grinder, gardening tools, your smiling face, a great attitude and team spirit.


Workday - Saturday, April 28th

  • Holes to be drilled in all of remaining chinaberry stumps along the front and rear fence lines along rail side. Another stump is at rear of parking lot along shed side fence.
  • Walk entire campus placing a flag (provided) beside each fire ant mound with others following to apply treatment and remove flag.
  • Plant (with garden drill bit) about a dozen small pots of dwarf Nandina (from tray inside patio gate) in Labyrinth area (locations to be determined).
  • Pruning of plants in front areas of church as needed and removal of a few dead plants / shrubs.
  • Pick up fallen/cut limbs and twigs
  • If it should rain...Volunteers may work inside as a 2 person team utilizing a ladder to replace fluorescent with LED tubes in ceiling fixtures and clean each lens.