World Day of Prayer

Unity World Day of Prayer

Unity of New Braunfels

Join us and the world in prayer as we become peace in the midst of all matters.  We will be holding a prayer vigil in the sanctuary on September 14th.  Opening will be at 6:00 a.m.  We encourage you to sign up for a 30 minute time slot anywhere from 6:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., druing this time, you may chose to pray the prayer below or a different focused prayer regarding peace.  Then at 7:00 we will hold a Prayer Service in the sanctuary.  At this time, we will acknowledge all faiths and embrace our unity as peace in the midst of all matters.

More information is also available at: There are opportunities for facebook and twitter involvement, as well as live-streaming events.  Take a look.

A  Guiding Prayer for Peace

Peace in the Midst...

I am the power of peace in all matters.

One with the Power of Divine Peace, I am the very presence of peace in my world.  My thoughts, words, and actions are in harmony so that I project peace from the inside out.  I am clear that peace is no a smiley-face mask I wear but a calm, confident generosity of Spirit released from within.  As day follows night, peaceful action flows from my peace-filled mind.

I am the Power of Peace expressed in my thoughts.  Releasing thoughts that separate or denigrate, I raise my consciousness to the God standard of Oneness.   I bring about peace through my thoughts.

I am the Power of Peace expressed in my word.   My words heal and harmonize, uplift and appreciate.  Powerfully and peacefully, I  speak to right wrongs and improve conditions. I brings about peace through my words.

I am the Power of  Peace expressed in my actions. Boldly, I walk a path of peace guided by inner wisdom.  All that I do fosters mutual blessings.  I bring about peace through my actions.

Peace is in the midst of me as I becom the presence of peace in the midst of every circumstance.