Taiji Qigong

Taiji (Tai Chi) Qigong is an exercise system derived from ancient martial arts. The soft flowing movements build health and vitality. Performed from a standing or sitting position, these exercises are a combination of movement and breath work that will benefit people of all ages and in all physical conditions.

Qigong is a core element of Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM is built around the concept that preventive medicine is the best type of medicine. The true master Chinese physicians are not the ones who cure the incurable diseases, but the physicians whose patients never get sick. Qigong exercises were prescribed to patients to maintain their health.

Some benefits of Qigong:
• Improves Health
• Increases Energy, Agility and Flexibility
• Loosens and Strengthens Joints and Muscles
• Controls Weight
• Rejuvenates Body, Mind and Spirit
• Reduces Stress
• Improves Concentration and Intuitive Abilities
• Controls Emotions

Wear comfortable clothes, bring a mat or towel if you like sitting on the floor (chairs will be available), and don’t eat anything an hour before the class.

Randy Hall has been practicing martial arts and qigong for most of his life. For more information, please contact him at 512-275-6165 or email at rhall@alamoce.net.